About Matrix Health Group

Matrix Health Group, a member of the BioMatrix Family of Companies, is a specialty pharmacy “Dedicated to Making a Difference” in the lives of people with chronic health conditions. From bleeding disorders to transplant therapy, IVIG, HIV and hepatitis C, our specialty pharmacy is dedicated to improving health through individualized care.

We are a nationwide organization committed to providing outstanding services with a family feel. Our success can be attributed to firm adherence to our Mission, Vision and five Guiding Principles. By placing these values at the forefront of all we do, Matrix Health Group is helping individuals and families improve health and successfully manage life with a bleeding disorders and other chronic conditions.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Matrix Health Group is to provide individualized, focused pharmacy and support services to people with chronic conditions nationwide. Our vision is to enhance the lives of those we are privileged to serve.

Our mission and vision are realized through the value we place in our five guiding principles. These values represent our commitment to our employees, patients, and the community – driving our organization to excellence.

Guiding Principles

Integrity. Our professionalism, strength, and stability come from our resolve to operate honestly, morally, and with a higher purpose to meet and exceed the expectations of all.

Dedication. Our dedication is evident in our close attention to detail, personal touch, and resolve to advocate from the heart, giving each relationship a close family feel.

Compassion. We are sensitive to each individual’s unique situation. Our ability to listen, empathize, and support those we work with distinguishes our business practice.

Enrichment. We understand that in order to perform at our best, we must always seek to learn and grow, while using our knowledge to assist and empower others.

Enthusiasm. Our confidence in the services we provide is illustrated by the energy, drive, and passion we exhibit in all we do.