Our Services

Matrix Health Group provides exceptional pharmacy and support services. From bleeding disorders to hepatitis C, HIV, transplant therapy, IVIG and more, our team focuses on improving health outcomes through identifying and meeting the individual needs of our patients. The nature of these conditions require a highly personalized model of care for optimal patient outcomes.

Working together, our dedicated team includes:

KNOWLEDGEABLE pharmacists and nurses

UNIQUELY QUALIFIED care coordinators

PROFESSIONAL reimbursement specialists

Patient Benefits

  • Comprehensive line of products and ancillary supplies
  • Advanced oral medications
  • Pharmacists and care coordinators on call 24/7
  • 24 hour standard delivery service
  • Personalized case management
  • Coordination of home nursing services
  • Assistance with public and private insurance needs
  • Agreements with major insurance providers
  • Access to financial Patient Assistance Programs
  • Peer-based support
  • Educational materials and resource identification
  • Bilingual services